Mulot & Petitjean in the media.

Everyone is talking about us...

2018/ France 3/ France
Secretary of State, Marlène Schiappa visits Mulot & Petitjean

Marlène Schiappa (the Secretary for Equality between Women and Men) visits M&P.

Spring 2018/ ‘Femmes en Bourgogne’
Mulot & Petitjean and Catherine’s factory

April 2018/ Provincial Living/ Australia
‘Degustation In Dijon’

An article by Amy McPherson for the Australian magazine ‘Provincial Living’

January 2018/ Bourgogne Magazine no. 56/ France
‘La Fabrique de Pain d’épices’ (The Pain d’épices Factory)

An article by the editor of the ‘Bourgogne Magazine’.

December 2017/ ‘Le Bien Public’

«Catherine Petitjean, the secrets behind her love affair with pain d'épices.» by Déborah LEVY.

13 November 2017/ ‘Le Bien Public’

«Fine food awards. Catherine Petitjean expands her pain d'épices business...»

21 September 2017/ France Bleu Bourgogne,
Recipe for Nonnettes with époisse cheese

Download the recipe by clicking on the button below.,
Listen from 1m17 onwards to hear the part which directly concerns us.

May 2017/ ‘Femmes en Bourgogne’
William Frachot revisits nonnettes made Mulot & Petitjean style

2017/ Radio,
The Jaquemart of Notre-Dame,
his Jaqueline, and the sweet which carries her name...

Short radio programme which briefly outlines the story of the jaquemart of Notre-Dame and talks about the invention of the traditional Dijon sweet known as the ‘Jacqueline’. In the past, the sweet was made by A. Michelin. Today it is made by Mulot & Petitjean using the traditional recipe and techniques.

14 December 2016/ TF1,
Mulot & Petitjean in the TV News at 1 pm on TF1

A report on TF1 at Mulot & Petitjean broadcast on 14 December 2016
for the TV News at 1 pm, presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut

25 October 2016/ ‘Les-Echos’

«Mulot & Petitjean increases its range of small pain d'épices»

March 2016/ LSA

Catherine Petitjean is elected President of the Alliance 7

2016/ France 3,
‘France 3 Bourgogne’, Mulot & Petitjean expands and continues its programme of modernisation.

Report and interview with Catherine Petitjean at the Mulot & Petitjean Pain d'épices factory in 2016. A look at Dijon Nonnettes and the modernisation of its production, as well as the expansion of the production site and the future museum.

2016/ France 5,
‘La Quotidienne’, Dijon FoodTech: the future of our dishes

‘La quotidienne’, a programme broadcast on France 5. A discussion about FoodTech and Dijon Nonnettes

December 2014/ France 5,
‘La Quotidienne’, Farida Foodista finds out all about Dijon Pain d'épices

‘La quotidienne’, a programme broadcast on France 5. A discussion about Dijon pain d'épices presented by Farida Foodista.

2014/ France TV,
Pain d'épices, a Christmas delicacy

2014/ France 3,
‘Pages Hiver France 3 Bourgogne’ - Mulot & Petitjean

NOUN - Winter 2012 - 2013
«[...] hidden away, the last remaining craft pain d'épices manufacturer has outlived all its peers and is still going strong at the start of the 20th century[...]»

‘Le Bien Public’ - 14 October 2012
«A legendary taste.»

September 2012
The list of businesses which are 100 years old or older

September 2012 - ‘kochen & genießen’ - Germany

‘Le Point’ - October 2008
«Mulot & Petitjean, which still uses the same logo today, remains the place where
you will find the best pain d’épices in the region.»

‘Marie-Claire’ - April 2008
«Something to surprise and delight those who love this golden brown treasure.»

‘Les-Echos’ - November 2008
 «They come from all around the world to admire the container and taste the contents...»

 «A pain d’épices which is synonymous with family tradition.»

«Opening the door of this ‘factory’ connects the past with the present, like two slices of pain d’épices sandwiched together
with butter.»

 «[...] one of the icons of Dijon gastronomy»

2018/ TF1/ France
‘Les Apprentis du Goût’ with Mulot & Petitjean

A series of programmes which explore local specialities and the sharing of our culinary heritage with younger generations.